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Batcave Time Machine March 17, 2013

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Biff has no chance. No chance at all. (made in Blender)
Batcave Time Machine


Welcome to the Skyscrapers of Tomorrow! March 12, 2012

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Architecture and design web site eVolo recently hosted a contest for skyscraper design. The results are, in a word, awesome.
The winner was this design for water reclamation, treatment, and storage towers to be placed over the rapidly-melting Himalayan glaciers. See what I mean? Awesome. There is also a vertical landfill, mobile skyscrapers (as in they roll around) and Plastic Fish Tower, which would sit in the middle of ocean garbage and clean/reclaim the bits of plastic and what-have-you.
All of this is just theoretical at this time, but it is still quite amazing.