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About: Fletcher

Fletcher Farley: having achieved his dream of co-owning a comic book store and having a nerdy girlfriend, Fletcher decides to just kick back and enjoy the ride. Life provides no shortage of entertainment, be it in the form of off-beat customers or the baffling traits of the people around his town. Fletcher’s always willing to listen to people’s stories, in spite (or because) of how bizarre they might be.

Daphne “Daffy” Mooney: Doctoral student in particle physics and Fletcher’s girlfriend. One day she walked into Cosmic Comics, and the rest is history. When not working at the University, or hanging out at Cosmic, Daffy is always trying to expand her horizons (and Fletcher’s).

Cougar (Chris Hartman): Dumpy raspy-voiced best friend of Fletcher: co-owner of Cosmic Comics; firm believer in the awesomeness of the 80’s.

Rasputin Furmand: One of the regulars at Cosmic Comics. He is working on his doctorate at the University, in the same department as Daffy. He is, among other things, a conspiracy nut.
He is weird.

Cosmic Comics: the best (and only) comic store in town! Opened by Fletcher and Cougar, Cosmic Comics occupies a building that stood vacant for five years (so they bought it for a song). Featuring extensive back issue collections, a complimentary subscription service, and hosting thrice-a-week RPG leagues, Cosmic Comics is a shining example of everything a comic store can be.

Doyle’s Pub: Great local bar, the favorite of Fletcher and his friends. Quizzo on Tuesdays, drink specials every night; and they are one of the few bars around that serve Son of Jor-Ale, the group’s favorite beer.

Ivy Wall University: The esteemed place of learning. Site of Daffy and Rasputin’s matriculation, Ivy Wall boasts a lovely campus, just minutes from Main Street. While they are known more for their engineering and science departments than for sports or partying, the school is a major component of the town’s economy and social scene. Many of the students get their comics from Cosmic and their Son of Jor-Ale from Doyle’s pub.

Son of Jor-Ale: a scrumptious Belgian Blonde Ale produced by a small local microbrew (Uncle-Owen-Aunt-Brew, Llc). It is only served in a few local bars, and is available in select regional stores only. However, the brewers are hoping to expand production in the near future. Very good with food.

The Gaslight Ghoul: Growing up in the Gaslight neighborhood of Industry City, young orphan Will Morgan learned firsthand about evil and corruption. All around him were gangsters, crooked cops, and thieving sneaks. As he grew to manhood, he swore that he would defend the downtrodden of his town by any means at his disposal. And so he turned his skills at navigating the city’s rooftops and his quick hands to use as a shadowy crime-fighter. By day he is a humble street merchant. By night he is: The Gaslight Ghoul, grim urban avenger!

The Stooge: Jeff Kragen, a hapless accountant, has been set up. Russian mobsters, crooked executives, the mayor’s office, and members of the media all have their hands in an enormous criminal racket, and it’s all been engineered to make poor dumb Jeff the fall guy. But he’ about to turn the tables on them. Only thing is, he doesn’t know it. Jeff takes his situation from bad to worse to impossible as he stumbles through one layer of conspiracy after another, all the while dodging hit men and angry gangsters. Jeff Kragen is, most definitely, The Stooge.

All Ten Go: Popular Manga about the adventures of a young space pilot infused with magical powers. When his ship crashed in the high mountains of Hikado country, ace pilot Akira Mifune stumbled upon the resting place of the ancient River Crane; a mystical spirit of tremendous power. The Crane fused with Akira, and from that day forth he became known as the greatest pilot in the Solar System, and a hero for justice: All Ten Go!



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