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Top 10 Robot Heroes part 2 April 28, 2011

Posted by Robot Shakespeare Co in Awesome.
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Click it right here if you missed part 1!
Now, to reiterate, these are non-organic heroes. Now, to the list!

5. K-9 (Dr. Who)
Maybe this is just a silly, overly-cute little throwaway character. Maybe it’s saccharine, and just too damn campy. To quote Russell from the film Up, “But it’s a talking dog!”
Yes, there have been a few different versions of K-9 (I believe we’re up to Mark IV), but if the Doctor can regenerate and yet remain the same Doctor, surely K-9 can apply to all the incarnations. A talking robot dog that is armed and senses danger: what is not to love?

4. The Toys (Toy Story)
They may be children’s playthings, but these guys get things done. They’re not robots or androids, but they’re also definitely not organic. I guess it’s pretty clear they’re magic. Now this is a list of non-organic heroes, and nothing precludes magic from being involved here. In other words, I’ll alloy it. They may not have done all that much from the other heroes on the list (saving the earth, the universe, all space and time, etc.), but when you take into account the scale of these guys, it’s quite impressive. Just getting across town is a monstrous endeavor for a toy, and this band of lunatics made it look…well, not easy, but certainly they attacked it with courage. And yeah, it gets pretty emotional.

3. Optimus Prime (Transformers)
This character is so iconic that I think we should just take a second and boil him down to some core elements. He’s a truck that turns into a huge robot-guy and he has a laser cannon and he can fly. That’s the foundation. On top of that, he’s the leader of alien shape-shifting robots here on earth to fight their ancient enemy for the fate of the universe. What more even needs to be said? To say that Prime has fans is a bit of an understatement.

2. Data (Star Trek: The Next Generation)
Ah, yes. The Next Generation’s answer to Mr. Spock. Interestingly, and this is perhaps telling of society’s views of (and relationship to) technology, but in the 60’s the Science Guy on Star Trek eschewed human emotions as illogical, complicated, and unnecessary to perform his job. In the 90’s (yeah, TNG premiered in ’87, but it didn’t really cook till the 90’s) the Science Guy was incapable of emotion and tried in vain to understand it. So Science went from looking down on emotions to wishing it could have them. That’s an arc right there. Oh, and to his placement on the list, Data single-handedly saved the day at a rate that not even Spock could rival. It was just taken for granted that this indestructible, super-strong, super-fast, super-smart android incapable of deceit, greed, hunger, or anger would always save the day. And he always did. He was basically perfect. And of course he has inspired many.

1.R2D2 (Star Wars)
Never was there a robot, android, or droid so willing to get shot up to get the job done. For real, a movie didn’t go by without R2 saving everyone’s life and also getting blasted, shocked, eaten by a monster or otherwise harassed. And yet, he never hesitated. You’re under siege and the fate of the galaxy depends on getting stolen plans off a ship that has already been captured? He’s your guy, no questions asked. You’re trapped on an occupied floating city and your hyperdrive is busted? He’ll force open the door and (with one move!) fix your engine. Any one of a trillion things is going on with computers, trash compactors, elevators, assembly lines, or what have you? He’s got it, no worries. Only problem is he makes no sense, and his interpreter is flakey and had his memory wiped (respectively: Revenge of the Sith, Anakin visits Padme after massacring the Jedi Temple and R2 beeps frantically at C3PO, who advises him to keep it down. Keep it down?! In A New Hope, 3PO has no memory of Obi Wan and thinks R2 is crazy for insisting on finding him; not really his fault cause his memory was wiped, but still really hampered R2’s productivity on that). But also, R2 has inspired real-life engineers and builders. So how bout that?



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