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Saudis to build Mile High Tower, then think of even crazier thing to do April 11, 2011

Posted by Robot Shakespeare Co in Awesome.
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Maybe they see peak oil coming and think “if we don’t do it now we never will.” Maybe they just want to make sure aliens land there first (cause if I’m an alien, my first stop is going to be the tallest building, amiright?). Whatever the motiviation, the Saudi Arabian government (aka the Saudi Royal Family) is going to get started building a tower that is over a mile tall.
I’m not saying that it’s really, really tall. It is going to be more than one mile in height.
There are going to be all sorts of sophisticated pendulums and wind-sensors and fins to make sure wind shears don’t just snap it right in half.

It seems that it’s not been officially confirmed that the funding is green lit, but the plans are very real and wheels are in motion.



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