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Batman: Brave and the Bold deserves an Emmy March 26, 2011

Posted by Robot Shakespeare Co in Awesome.
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A television show just gave us the image of the Frank Miller Dark Knight Returns armored Batman standing next to Krypto the Super Dog to stop a Red Kryptonite-addled Man of Steel.

That is genius, and it deserves recognition (I aim that at whoever determines the Emmy).

That’s the series’ first usage of Superman, btw. Red Kryptonite, Clancy Brown as Luthor (I didn’t check the credits, but I trust my ears; same as I’d wager dollars to dinars that was John DiMaggio as King Tut in the cold open), and Silver Age lunacy up the wazzoo. I love, love, LOVE this show. Shame this is the last season. To paraphrase Olmos in Blade Runner: It’s too bad it won’t be on forever, but then again what is?



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